My favorite intern (:

My son, Marko never ceases to amaze me.  Ever.  He has always been awesome and as the years pass, he just continues to be more, well, awesome!

Something that I love about him is the fact that he is so original.  You know how some people "copy" what others say, or do, or the way they imitate someone's handwriting or signature or style, and try to pass it off as their own?  Probably because they're not cool or original enough to come up with their own? Yeah, well, Marko has never done that.  He is as original as they come.  With Marko, it really is "What you see is what you get."  The style of clothing he chooses, the musical instruments he chose to learn all by himself, and even the genre of music he loves is all his own.  And I'm not kidding.
Most anyone would expect a 14-year-old boy in this day and age to listen to whatever is popular amongst people of Marko's generation, right?

Well, for some reason, the music Marko prefers is not what his peers listen to.  Not by a long shot!
First of all, Marko has always loved oldies.  And not what I, or even my mom (his grandmother) would consider to be oldies.  I'm talking oldies as in, well, oldies.  And I really am not kidding.
His favorite singer is none other than Al Jolson.  Never heard of him?  Well, neither had I.
Actually, my mom hadn't either (!) Ha!
Jolson sang as a child (he was born in 1886).  Yes, you read that right, and he performed professionally from about 1911 through maybe the late 1940's. Here is a clip of Jolson, his wife, and Jolson's parents. The clip is from one of Marko's favorite movies: The Jolson story, of course:

I can't tell you how many iTunes cards Marko has used to buy all of his music for his iPhone.  He seriously loves that old music!
And believe me, he's been teased a little from kids at school who have heard Marko jamming out to Jolson at school.  But Marko just lets it roll off his back.  Marko is Marko and he doesn't care if anyone has a problem with that (:

Well, imagine how excited Marko was one day some months back while he was searching the radio dial and came across an oldies station that actually plays music from way, WAY back in the day.  He was super stoked about it and quickly programmed it onto my car stereo for easy access. (I probably don't have to tell you that his 13-year-old sister isn't too thrilled about that!) Hahaha!
(Tomorrow's post will be something very funny and beautifully ironic about this!)

Well, not too long ago, we were driving home and I pointed out the radio station to Marko.  He had no idea it was a local station, by the way.  He quickly called his dad, who, coincidentally, was a long-time-extremely-successful- Spanish radio personality, to ask him if he would go with Marko to the oldies station to see if he could perhaps do some sort of internship with them.

They went.

And this is what Marko did last Friday:
He was introduced "on the air" and became one of the team.  He will be at the station every Friday through the summer.  And he is on cloud nine (:

Isn't it amazing how DNA works?  I mean, he definitely got his radio genes from dad, and well, radio is a media, which is journalism...and I am a journalism major, after all.  (:

I am so proud of him.  I love sitting back and watching him shine!

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