No more unibrows!!

I've been taking Gabriella to have her eyebrows waxed for about a year now.  Well, since she started 7th grade.  Yes, my middle school diva wants a nice, clean glabella, which is the proper term for the space between your eyebrows. Ha! 
And every trip there cost ten beans.  I know!

When I took her last week, I attempted to pay with a large bill and was quickly told that their policy was to accept nothing larger than a $20.  I panicked because I had forgotten my debit card and had no where to get change.  The girl that had waxed Gabriella's eyebrows suggested I go to one of the stores nearby to "get change," and she suggested Sally's Beauty Supply.  I had to leave my daughter at the wax place as collateral while I ran to Sally's.
Well, I felt uncomfortable just walking in and asking them to break my large bill and not buy anything, so I walked into the first aisle I got to and immediately saw this:
What a serendipity moment!  It was their last one and it was on sale.  I saw the label that said "kit," but didn't know what all it included, and there was another lady eyeing it also, so I quickly grabbed the warmer and yelled like a crazy woman for assistance. Haha!

Can you believe it? I no longer have to pay to keep those eyebrows looking good (:
Thank goodness for the the wax place's policy.  Otherwise, I would have continued to pay them every few weeks for something I can DIY.
Oh, and did I mention that the entire kit was on sale for $29.99?  The photo doesn't show it, but it came with the warmer, wax, cloth strips and the instructional CD.  The only additional thing I had to buy was the little popsicle stick things to apply the wax, but they were only about $4.  So buying this kit will pay for itself after only three waxes!

I was one happy mama.  And I'm not bothered in the least that the Sally's worker thinks I'm crazy (:

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