National Anthem

I have been so disgusted with the "problem" some bigots have with Sebastien De La Cruz singing the United States National Anthem at a little basketball game last week.
Here is a clip of Sebastien:
Really people?!

Sebastien is Mexican-American...born and raised in San Antonio, Texas.

He chose to dress in a traditional Charro outfit while he sang the National Anthem, which happens to be HIS anthem...that's right, because, well...he happens to be American.  And the Charro outfit was perhaps his way of showing his pride in his Mexican roots.  And he should be proud!  I sure am proud of being Mexican-American, and I've always taught my children to also be proud of who they are.

Well, some ignorant bigots determined that he "must be illegal" and even commented how "upset" they were that "that Mexican kid dared to sing their National Anthem."

Boy, talk about taking two steps forward and one step back.
It amazes me that some people continue to teach their disgusting beliefs to their kids.  They had better get used to "us," because we're not going anywhere.
And all of these "adults" writing this garbage must be big, strong people...I mean, ganging up on a child must make them feel big and tough.

I guess he did such an amazing job singing at game 3 that he was brought back to sing at game 4.   Only this time, he was introduced by the awesome, Julian Castro, the mayor of San Antonio, and his beautiful wife.     

Take that you bigots!
Oh, and thanks so much for your brought so much attention to little Sebastien.  Not that he needed it, but I'm sure you all helped boost his career big time!
Hahaha (:

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