Vasquez, Basquez (:

With this month's "roots" theme, I've written of my family, included pictures, our family tree, etc.  

I've also written in the past how I was raised by my single mom because, well, there isn't any nice way to say it except to say that my "dad" was a piece of $*&t deadbeat loser.  He died sometime last year...or maybe it was the beginning of this year...don't really care to remember.  I'm not sure what caused his death either.  Not that it matters much to me.  And this will probably be the last time he is ever mentioned in my blog, because I only write of what is important to me.

So, you see, when I talk of my family, well, I am speaking of my mom's family.
The only family from my "dad's" (I use that term very loosely)  side of the family that I claim and love, are my tía Aurelia, tío Pru, and their daughters, Cindy, Jackie, Diana and Gina and their children.  They are excellent people that really had the misfortune of being related to that "man" person.
I always thought it was funny because their last name is Basquez, and my family on my mom's side are Vasquez.  Weird, huh?
I have so many fun memories with my Basquez family members.  I even went to high school one year with those girls.  And we had a blast!  

I shared a room with Diana, and boy, we'd stay up late every.  single.  day.  just talking and giggling about everything under the sun.  As a matter of fact, every single memory I have with them are happy memories.  The best memories of laughing until our sides hurt with all of us involved in some silly dance, or song or whatever.  Everything we did together always turned into the best day ever.  And I am so blessed with having them in my life. My awesome tío Pru, living with five women...I'm sure we drove him crazy, but he always had a beautiful smile on his face, and he had the most contagious laugh.  He was the epitome of what a father should be.  I loved him so very much.  In fact, everybody he met loved him.  Unfortunately, he passed when Marko was a baby.  His death was such a tremendous loss to all who were fortunate enough to have known and loved him.
Here is a very old picture of my tíos:

My tío was a large man.  He had to be to be able to hold his gigantic heart.  He and my tía raised my cousin Jackie as their own after Jackie's mother passed away when Jackie was very young.  Jackie has also passed away now.  She was pretty amazing too.  She was one of the most unselfish human beings I have ever known and her story deserves it's own post someday.

Cindy and Gina are so awesome and I love them so very much.
Cindy and her husband, Lupe, just lost their beautiful daughter, Christina in November and their strength and faith truly leaves me in awe.

This is my sweet cousin, Diana and her daughter, Courtney:

Please include Diana and her family in your prayers.  Diana has been hospitalized for the last month and I so miss our marathon phone conversations.
I love you sweet D, and I miss you so much.  Please get well soon!!

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