This last weekend was very long and fun...  Since we weren't able to celebrate Valentine's day the weekend before because I had food poisoning and Armando's 46th birthday was THIS weekend, Armando and I went on a date to Blackhawk Saturday night and had a really good time.  Afterward we stayed at the Marriott in Denver.   My mom stayed with the kids..Thank you Mom!  We picked the kids up on Sunday afternoon and took them to Rollerland in Fort Collins.  Here are just a few of the many pictures we took that day...

Here is Marko & Lynette..
 Marko, Lynette, Me, Gabriella and Laura..
 Me and my baby taking a BREAK!!

Laura was able to find some tiny skates for Julian and he put Grandpa to shame! :)

 Armando skating.....(on the carpet!)
 And here we all are....

Look Armando....maybe Julian can give you some skating lessons! :)

After skating, Laura treated us all to Golden Corral.  Thank you so very much Laura!!  Right after dinner, employees from the restaurant sang Happy Birthday to Armando and gave him a birthday cupcake!

  Happy Birthday babe, we love you!  May God bless you with many, many more birthdays!

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