The kids have wanted a puppy forever, but with Marko's and his dad's allergies, it didn't seem possible to ever have anything other than our fish as pets.  Well, Thanksgiving day, Armando and his nephew showed up with the cutest puppy ever!
The kids and their dad decided to name him Peditos.  The name fits perfectly!  He is adorable and the whole family LOVES him very much, although everyone has gotten mad at him a time or two.  He is very spoiled, doesn't shed (Thank you Jesus!) and fits in perfectly with our family.  We had never been able to keep a pet inside of the house because of the shedding/dander issues, but again, Peditos is PERFECT!
He was originally an early Christmas present for me, but right from Day 1, he fell in love with Gabriella and she with him, so he is officially HER puppy.  That's ok, cause while the kids are at school (on the days I don't have class, Peditos hangs out with me all day :)  He is so funny and has done some crazy things that have made us laugh so much.  I want to write a few of the things down so I don't forget them.  Right after we first got him, I was sitting on the patio table with him on my lap, while talking on the phone.  He suddenly got very mad and was barking and growling like mad!!  I couldn't figure out why he was acting so crazy, since he and I were the only ones around.  I finally realized that he was barking and growling at a dog that was barking and growing  JUST LIKE was his reflection on the sliding glass door!  We love you Peditos!

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