We took the 3 kids shopping on Sunday, and they each chose things on their own.  While waiting in line to pay, Lynette, Marko and Tita all were looking at Tshirts that were on huge display by the register.  There were real cute ones for the girls and very nice ones for Marko.  They had either characters on them, or phrases.  Armando wanted to help them out and tossed a shirt to Lynette without reading what it said first.  He told her "Look Lynette, the color on this one is nice!"........................  I about fell over laughing when Lynette unfolds it and holds it up to herself and yells "I'M NOT BUYING THIS ONE DAD!!!!!!!!!!" hahahahaah.....
It's a bad pic, but it says "YOUR SISTER IS HOT...I'm just saying."

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