We have have some unbelievably cold weather for two weeks now, and our wonderful school district declared 2 snow days last week.  They didn't this week, even though the weather was still soo cold.  Even though I have lived in Colorado for so many years, I still cannot get used to the cold....Probably never will.
Here are some pics of the snow we got and Armando shoveling it.  He probably shoveled about 1,000 lbs. of snow that day!  I probably should have been helping him instead of taking pics!

 Also, when we got our puppy on Thanksgiving, he was 6 wks old, so when we got snow and he experienced it for the first time, he LOVED it.  He would run in it and roll around in it and kept waiting at the door for someone to let him out.  He couldn't get enough of it!  Well, by the time we got snow again a few weeks later, we had trouble getting him to go outside to go potty.  We would make him go outside and he would go potty RIGHT outside the door and immediately beg to come inside again.  He is literally outside for about 15 seconds to do his business and he is shivering so bad when he's done...poor Peditos.  I took some pics yesterday of him right after he'd gone potty.  Can you see how much he loves the snow now?

The snow doesn't seem to be as much fun to him anymore...

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