My beautiful Gabriella...

We gave the 3 kids money at the beginning of the week.  It wasn't a whole lot, but nonetheless, it was spending money for them.  They could spend it any way they chose.  Marko used his money to buy some nachos and a drink for he and Gabriella (Lynette wasn't home that night), and he still has $15.00 left.  He said he was going to save it.  Hopefully he does..  Lynette used all of her money to buy a shirt.  Gabriella used half of it to surprise me with this:

 She bought me a beautiful bouquet of flowers!!  I love the, orange and yellow.

 I keep them on my kitchen table, but the lighting in the dining room is bad, so I moved them to this bench to be able to take pics.

Mija,  I can't tell you how much I appreciate that beautiful gesture, and how unselfish it was for you to use your money for this.  Thank you my baby girl!!  The flowers are gorgeous (like you) and they really brighten up my kitchen...just like you brighten my life!  Love you lots!  Mom.

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