Happy Birthday Jackie!!

Today was a very special day.  Jackie, one of Gabriella's BFFs had a birthday yesterday (Friday) and her party was today.  My precious Gabriella was so excited she could hardly stand it!  I was so excited for her.  You see, Jackie and Gabriella instantly became best friends the very first day of school because they had every. single. class. together. until lunch.
Every day when I'd go pick the kids up from school, Jackie always walked my Gabby to the car to give her a big hug.
They missed each other terribly since my kids switched school about two weeks ago.  My kids miss all of their friends but thanks to Facebook, Skype, Ipods and cell phones, Marko and Gabriella both have been able to stay in contact with their friends.  Thank goodness for technology.  Seriously.  I've mentioned in earlier posts of how my mom, brother and I would move all of the time.  Way back then, we didn't have all of the technology available to kids these days.  When we moved, that was it...no more contact (!)  And it was terrible.
My kids will never know how terrible that was.  And for that I am very grateful.

Anyway, Jackie thought Gabriella wasn't going to be at her party because Gabriella no longer attends the same school as her.  When the girls would Skype every night, the mood would turn somber whenever the subject of Jackie's upcoming birthday would come up.
Jackie didn't know that her mom had secretly planned for Gabriella to attend the party as Jackie's big surprise..

Jackie's mom rented a room at a local hotel for an awesome slumber party for Jackie and her friends to stay the night, swim, eat dinner at Olive Garden (Yes, I'm a tad bit jealous..), watch movies and eat tons of candy and chips (:

 This is Gabriella ready to surprise Jackie..
 She was SUPER surprised!  It was awesome.
 They couldn't stop giggling..  Jackie and the other girls were painting their shirts that they wore over their swimming suits when we got there.
 Pretty girls (:
 These are the other girls greeting Gabriella

 This is Shaylynn, Zheng, Jackie, Claire and Gabriella.
 Jackie's mom graciously bought all of the girls a huge stuffed animal (!)  Gabriella has the crocodile.

 They are so happy.  I hope their childhood memories are inundated with special, happy moments like this.  I also hope the friendships they build now last them a lifetime.

 I told ya there was a huge supply of goodies for the girls..
 This picture is kind of blurry, but I love it.

 Happy Birthday Sweet Jackie!


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