Highs & Lows

For as long as I can remember, my kids and I do Highs & Lows every single day after school.

Right after the hustle and bustle of controlling a very excited dog (cause he hadn't seen the kids all day) while rushing to get backpacks, jackets, a trumpet, a saxophone AND my two favorite people in the world into my car and buckled up....whew(!)....and even before driving out of the school parking lot, my first question to both of the kids was "What was your favorite part of your day?"

Nine times out of ten, Marko's answer was "French class," or the occasional "lunch."
Nine times out of ten, Gabriella's answer was "French class," or "lunch."

This was always followed by "What was the worst part of your day?"

I seriously don't know why I would ask this question.  I got the same answer every.single.day.
Both of my kids A-L-W-A-Y-S told me that the worst part of their day was their horrible math teacher.  They were never able to do anything right in that class.  Apparently, nobody ever did anything right in that class.  He would always "lose" homework they turned in and then give them big, fat ZEROs for that assignment.  Then he'd sometimes "find" it.  But by then, their progress reports had come home already and kids had already been grounded for "bad" grades.  This teacher also enjoyed belittling the kids. 

 My kids always had two "worst" parts of their day.  Both of the kids begged me to let them quit band because the band teacher spent the entire class time yelling at the kids.  Then Gabriella would tell me that the assistant principal would come into the band room and yell at the trombone players (she always reminded the kids that she was a trombone major) and tell them that they weren't doing anything right, and then she and the band teacher would laugh at the kids!

I couldn't get my kids out of there fast enough.
And God is big.  He guided us to the correct school for our kids.

This is our daily Highs & Lows since starting at their new school.  And I quote:

Me: "What was your favorite part of your day?"
Marko: "school."
Gabriella: "everything."

Me: "What was the worst part of your day?"
Marko: "nothing."
Gabriella: "nothing for me either!"

God is so good.

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