Big changes.

I'm not sure what what was going on, but for the last few days I wasn't able to log on.  Apparently, whatever it was, it's no longer a problem.  And hopefully, it never happens again.

It has been an interesting last few weeks at Casa Silva.
To start with, school has been fantastic for me, which means my stress has been minimal, which means I've had time to be working on my quilt, so I'm over-the-moon  happy about that.  Plus, I've been in the midst of some super-duper organizing.  More on that later.

A big change happened this week for us.  The hubs and I decided to switch the kids' school.  This was done with some a lot of hesitation and with a very heavy heart because as I've mentioned before, I never had stability as a kid, so my childrens' stability was weighing heavily on my mind.  The kids were a little upset about the move because they didn't want to leave their friends.  Which I completely empathized with.  I hated leaving my friends the 5,298 times my mom would move my brother and me when we were kids.  Since the internet and cell phones didn't exist way back then, I literally lost all contact with my friends the second we moved.  This was not the case with my kids.  They will always be able to stay in contact with their friends.  It was a very hard decision, nonetheless.

I prayed so much about this change and asked God to help the hubs and I make the correct decision regarding our children's future and happiness.  Well, it turned out to be the BEST DECISION of our lives!  My kids used to go to a college preparatory school.  The only reason that came about was the fact that although we lived in a beautiful subdivision at the time they were in elementary school, our home fell within the boundaries for a horrible middle school that not only was very far from our home, but it had a very bad reputation with gang activity.  Under no circumstances was I going to send my children there.  Instead, they were accepted to the prep school.  We were elated at the fact that they were "saved" from the horrible school they were supposed to attend.  Plus, we were equally happy about the fact that the prep school was for grades 6-12.  We thought they would attend that school until they graduated.  WRONG.
It turned out that my children were expected to act like robots at that school and it became apparent very early on that my children were never going to be successful there.  The hubs and I struggled with the fact that my kids would receive a big, fat ZERO for stupid things like writing in their planner in pencil rather than pen, which resulted them dropping TWO letter grades.  Or receiving another big, fat ZERO (and dropping 2 letter grades) for failing to turn in a permission slip signed by either the hubs or myself.  Or my daughter having lunch detention because her  book cover tore when it fell out of her locker, so she threw the cover away with the intention of re-covering it after school.  Or my son receiving a big, fat ZERO for doing a math test in pen because his pencil broke and he grabbed a pen to finish the test.
Don't get me wrong.  I'm all for rules and regulations, but it seemed as though the faculty had the freedom to make up rules as they went along.  My kids weren't being graded on their academic abilities, but rather stupid, petty things.  If my kids were failing because they just didn't "get" the work, that's one thing, or if they just didn't "do" the work then I would have accepted the horrible grades.  But to fail them after actually doing their work and doing it correctly, I had a big problem with that.
My son went from being advanced in everything in elementary school to flunking the 6th grade.  And it was obvious that he was going to fail again.
My daughter, who had always been in the gifted and talented program throughout elementary school struggled to maintain a C!  Something had to be done.  Immediately.  So we switched them to the elementary school our 3 oldest kids had attended.  Duh.

Marko's test scores were verified by the new school and was immediately placed back up to the 7th grade (where he should have been since the beginning of this school year) and he's actually taking a few 8th grade classes, one of which is geography.  I can't tell you what this has done for his self-esteem.  It's off the charts!
Tita is in advanced classes as well.  And both of the kids LOVE their new school.  They are making new friends and are both happy kids.
And since both of our children are doing great, the hubs and I also doing great (:

Thank you God.  You never fail to point me in the right direction.  May You always bless and protect my children.

Happy Thursday (:

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