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You know how I told you of the fact that I don't watch TV?  Well, the hubs got me hooked on a telenovela (Spanish soap opera).  I really, really did not want to get hooked on a novela because it literally feels like a ball and chain.  I have to watch it every day.  Except I've been watching it online, which means on regular cable, it's probably on episode 34 and I'm on episode 138.  Yeah... I've spent many hours on the weekends watching it (obviously!)  and I am completely hooked.  I love it.  It's called "La Que No Podia Amar."  The hubs and I have talked of how various family members could actually play the different characters (especially the evil characters!) to a T.  I won't mention any names in case they happen to read this post. HA!  (:
This is it:

And not only am I hooked on this novela, but, I'm also obsessed with the song from the novela.  It's called "Corre" and it's sung by Jesse y Joy.
It's a beautiful son (in Spanish, of course) and here is the video:



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