Brain dump

A whole lot has happened in the last week.  A big thing is that I somehow got through finals.  I'm not sure how I pulled that off with an epic toothache.  My head literally felt as if it were being split in two and my neck was so stiff and sore.  Friday couldn't get here soon enough: that's when I finally got the last tooth pulled.  The finals I had at the beginning of the week were very difficult because my tooth was hurting pretty bad and I hurried through them.
During Thursday's final, I wasthisfrickinclose to turning my final in incomplete because I was in such incredible pain, even after having taken three ibuprophens right before the final.  I managed to stay until I was finished, but it was bad.  Very bad.  I was close to tears when I left and I didn't really care what my grade would be.  Let me rephrase that:  I did care, just not at that moment.  The final was super long and I could not wait until I could go home and have some more meds.
Happy birthday to me, huh?

This was also my baby's birthday, but we celebrated Gabriella's birthday on Saturday. She made off like a bandit with her gifts, by the way!

Miraculously, I did awesome on my grades and I finished the semester exactly how I wanted.  I ended up with A's in my other classes.  God is good.
Thursday's final was somewhat more stressful than my others because I tested for the class during the Christmas break, and depending where you scored, determined which level you would place at.  I ended up placing pretty high, and if you ended the semester with an A or B, the credits were retroactive, meaning you would get the credits for the lower level classes you didn't end up having to take.  It was actually two classes rolled into one, and since I ended up with a B+, I ended up with 26 credits instead of only 6.  Pretty cool, huh?!  I think Yes!

Since getting the last tooth pulled, I just wasn't feeling better.  I finally asked the hubs to take me to the emergency room late last night and apparently, I have an infection.  I left with a prescription for antibiotic and vicodin.  The nurse was kind enough (or maybe she felt sorry enough for me) to give me a dose of both before I left.  Needless to say, I slept well last night.  My mom stayed with my kiddos while we were at the hospital and they were fast asleep when we got home.  I appreciate my mom so much.  She's always willing to help in any way she can.

Something else that was awesome was that the hubs was salesman of the month for April.  He kicked butt and  I'm proud of him.  He really did an awesome job.  He literally left the other salespeople in the dust. (:

Another thing from the last week is that I've started an awesome project, but havn't been able to work on it because a) I've been sick, and b) well, my sewing maching has also been sick.  I'm taking it to the shop tomorrow and hopefully, I'll get it back in a few days.  Fingers crossed!  I'll post pictures as soon as I can.

Thanks for putting up with my big-time antibiotic and vicodin-induced brain dump.

I hope your day is absolutely beautiful! 

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