Chenille baby blanket

During the last week, there were actually times that I felt normal enough to get some housework done, spend a little bit of time on pinterest and even work on a few projects.  Not in that particular order, but you know what I mean (:
These times were few and far between, but I still welcomed them with open arms.    Now, just to clarify, my "normal" times were due to being on a vicodin-induced stupor (stupid wisdom teeth before being extracted).
I even felt well enough to not just have started, but actually complete my first chenille baby blanket.   And I love it!  (sorry, the pics aren't the greatest..)

 I read the tutorial on pinterest and started it up.  It wasn't hard, and I actually loved doing it.  The only "boring" part was the cutting.  Definitely not my favorite part of the whole process.
 I only used two layers of flannel and I was happy with the result, but maybe next time I'll try it with three layers.

You have to wash and dry your finished blanket to see the chenille magically appear.  It's pretty awesome.

Beautiful blanket, huh?!  I think so.  If you want to make your own, you can get the tutorial here.

I have some beautiful fabric to make another one, and I even found the flannel on sale!  How awesome is that!?  I'll post pics of that one when I finish it.

Have a wonderful week!

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