Pillow Talk part 2

I went to TJ Maxx a few weeks ago with my mini-me (Gabriella) and I soon found myself in the pillow section.  I've told you how I love pillows.  Well, Gabriella certainly took after me in that department because that girl loves throw pillows just as much as I do.
We both saw a pillow we loved, but I put immediately put it back because it was pretty pricey.

And I'm cheap.

So what's a girl to do?
Make her own:

It was pretty easy.  I just cut small squares of felt, pinched them in the center and sewed them on in a row.  This looks like a lot of rows, but it's only three rows total.  Then I just sewed the back to it, turned it right-side-out and stuffed it.  Easy Peasy.

The TJ Maxx one was made from some silky material.  I didn't have any that matched Gabriella's bedroom, so I improvised with some felt I had.

 I actually like the felt better because the curly thingymajiggies (really is a word (!)) stand up better than the silky one at the store.

And more importantly, my mini-me loves it. (:

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