Mother's Day 2012

Mother's day weekend was awesome.
My mom stayed with our kids Saturday night and the hubs took me to the casinos in Black Hawk.  It was fun.  We got home very late and slept in on Sunday.  Sunday mornings, I woke up to my babies standing next to my bed calling my name and I opened my eyes and they were standing there with breakfast!  They made me (all by themselves (!)), scrambled eggs with a fried hot dog cut up like pennies, a glass of orange juice and a danish.  It was so sweet.  They sat next to me and we shared it (:

Then, we lazied around before we headed to the gym and the pool.  I wasn't in the best mood for about 30 minutes because 1) I wasn't feeling great because I had heartburn x100, 2) the dog for some reason decided to relieve himself on the stairs before we left and 3) I had an ingrown toenail that was throbbing and I couldn't find any of our nailclippers... 
After we left the gym, I was feeling much better.  We went to my mom's to wish her a happy mother's day and to drop off her gift and then we all headed to our house for a BBQ.  The hubs really did a great job grilling.  Everything was delicious!!

The hubs surprised me with this awesome Michael Kors handbag:

(via Google)

The one he bought me is kind of a grey color and I L-O-V-E it.  He did very good!

Hope your mother's day was awesome too (:

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