Chocolate Ships (!)

Poor grammar is perhaps my biggest pet peeve.  In English or Spanish.  I can't help it, it's just something that has always bothered me.

My kids will tell you how I will immediately correct them if I hear them pronounce a word wrong or spell something wrong.  It drives me crazy.  Yeah, I'm that annoying mom.  And now that I'm taking all of these journalism classes, well, it's only natural that I have become an even bigger pain in the rear grammar police (:

You want to know what really drives me crazy?  When people who should really know better (but for some reason, don't) get their there and they're or your and you're mixed up. I mean, seriously, how did they get past middle school, or (gasp!) even college without mastering this?  Anyway, this makes me cringe just about as much as if someone's nails scratching a chalkboard.  Just the thought makes me clench my teeth and suck my cheeks in.

Well my Gabriella is a chip-off-the-old-block, that's for sure.  She sometimes beats me to issue those Poor Grammar Infractions to our family.  She's even corrected moi on occasion and I am absolutely ok with that.  Good for her!

Well now that summer has ended and school has started for the kids, I've been home alone with Peditos.   I've been catching up on a few things I didn't get to during the summer.  Important things like cleaning and organizing under all the bathroom sinks and the kitchen sink.  It sure felt awesome to accomplish that yesterday.  I had put that off long enough.

School for me begins Monday and while I've certainly enjoyed the lazy days of summer and the awesomeness of actually forgetting what an alarm clock sounds like, I'll admit it:  I'm so ready for school.  Besides, Gabriella has been handing out those Poor Grammar Infractions to me a lot lately, it seems.

This is just one example:

The hubs and I took the kids shopping in a city nearby and stopped by a drive-thru restaurant for a drink on the way home.  The person behind the microphone just could not hear the hubs when he was ordering, so I leaned over the middle console and ordered it myself.  Not that I have a big mouth or anything, but the order-taker was able to hear and understand me.  Sort of.

It went something like this:

Order Taker: "Would you like an apple pie with that?"  (or something like that.)
Me: "No thank you.  But I'll take a Chocolate SHIP chake."


Picture the shock and horror at my realization.  Chocolate ship chake??  Really?

I was so disgusted with myself.  Wow.  Gabriella probably was too because this is completely unacceptable.  After that sloppy attempt at ordering a shake for my son happened, I turned to Gabriella and asked "WHO AM I?" (:

Then my little Grammar Police joked:  "Mom, you really need school to start!"
(Except she might NOT have been joking..)


This is Peditos' fault.  Whenever I talk to him when we're home alone, he NEVER corrects me.

Hope your day has been wonderful..


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