Doggie in the Window..

Last night was pretty odd.  We went to the grocery store in a town very near us because we had coupons for that store, and we took Peditos with us.  We love our dog and only take him with us if he's not going to be in the car alone very long and of course, if the weather permits.  We would never leave him in a sweltering or freezing car!
When we do take him, he lays on the back dash and looked out the window waiting for us.  Well as we walked out of the store tonight, I noticed a man standing by his SUV parked near our car.  I didn't think much of it, but as we got to our car to load our groceries, he approached me and asked me how long we'd had our dog.  We've had Peditos since Thanksgiving 2010 and I thought the question was odd, but I told him.
He said that one of his friends had seen Peditos in our back window and called him, so he immediately drove to the parking lot and waited for us to come out.  He became so emotional as he told me how he lost his dog in December 2011 and tears ran down his face as he told us how much he missed and loved his dog!  Tita was holding Peditos by this time and the man asked if he could hold him.  We of course said yes, and he kept kissing and hugging Peditos and crying (!)

I felt horrible for him.  He and his wife waited by our car until we came out hoping against hope that our dog laying in our back window was their dog!  He immediately realized Peditos was of course, not their dog, but he was so hopeful at the possibility, so he became so emotional and we honestly didn't know what to do or say to offer some comfort.  I mean this grown man (that we didn't know)  had a meltdown right in front of us!  The man mentioned that fact that he and his wife didn't have human children, so this dog was literally their baby.

Peditos usually plays "guard dog" around strangers and barks and growls a little to act tough, but surprisingly, he didn't do it this time.  It was as if he instinctively knew this stranger needed to hug him and love on him for a little while because he missed his dog so much, so he let him.

I posted a couple weeks ago of how we couldn't find Peditos for a couple of hours one night and it was heartbreaking for us especially because our baby girl was devastated!  We drove around praying we would find him and came home with a heavy heart to tell Tita we didn't find him.  I laid on the couch trying to comfort a crying little girl with a broken heart.
Imagine the look on our faces when the hubs walked into the house carrying Peditos!  Apparently, Peditos found his way home by himself and we slept pretty good that night.  It was a close call, and we are even more careful to never leave the door on the garage open.

Well, the man told me he printed 1,000 copies of the following poster and that he's posted them everywhere in the hopes of finding his dog.  So I thought I would post it here on my blog in the hopes that somebody near has seen him and can reunite him with his owners.  All the drive home, I couldn't help but think about that man and hope he finds his beloved dog.

Isn't he CUTE??!!  Hopefully, his owners can find him soon.

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