Those of us blessed with children know that awesome pride you feel whenever you teach your child anything from their ABCs or how to count, how to read or how to spell their name, right?  The list of things we teach our children is seriously endless.  And so much fun!
Well, I was certainly one of those parents that felt so proud to send my children off to kindergarten knowing way more than they needed, or were expected to know.
Well, I naively thought all parents did the same thing.  I honestly did.

Until now.

Everyday when I pick the kids up from school, the first thing we talk about is their Highs and Lows from their day.  Well, the kids inadvertently mention (almost daily (!)) of downright ignorant things said in school.  I won't mention any names, of course.  You know, to protect the innocent (:

Anyway, I decided to blog about it because I need to document it somewhere so I don't forget.  Where better than this blog? HA!

Ok, so today, Gabriella tells me: "Mom, my teacher handed out a map of earth in class, and can you believe one of the students actually asked the teacher where the back part of earth was??

Me:  "You're kidding, right?"
Gabriella: "No!"
Me: "So, what did your teacher tell the student?"
Gabriella: "He tried explaining it to her, but she didn't get it."
Me: "Wow."

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