Anyone with kiddos can tell you how patience starts wearing a little thin toward the end of summer.  Especially during a summer that includes an incredibly long heat wave that doesn't even allow the kids to step outside because it's 105 degrees!

Well, I have been praying for patience with my kids because I started to become very short with them. Especially if it was that time of the month. UGH!

Well, you know how God doesn't just make you a more patient person, but rather puts you in certain situations in which you yourself can practice being a little more patient?

It happened to me the other morning.  Well, to clarify, I woke up about noon that day, but it was still morning to me.  I'm just keeping it real.
Anyway, I woke up in not the greatest mood because, well, you know how cramping and bloating happens sometimes with your period?  And now that I'm on the subject, why the hell does my skin STILL break out as if I were FIFTEEN years old??!!  I get so frustrated because I'm seriously closer to menopause that I'd like to admit, but I still get the stupid pizza face during my period!

Anyway, my "morning" wasn't so great.  I woke up, made the bed and came upstairs.  Tita was already up and asked me if I wanted a licuado (smoothie.)  I said yes, she made us all one and brought me mine.  So thoughtful of her!

And then this happened:

Her glass slipped out of her hand and she had blended strawberries, banana and milk all over her AND the carpet.  The look on her face says it all, huh?
 I loved the look on her beautiful face when I started laughing and she saw me reach for my camera.

It even splattered up onto her face!

Thank you God for answering my prayers!

I love my Tita.  Crooked glasses and all (:

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