Easter 2013

We all spent Easter at my Tio Paul's house this year and I loved visiting with family, laughing until our cheeks hurt, talking for hours on end, eating really good food and of course, taking lots and lots of pictures (:

We had family come down from Nebraska and Wyoming and I don't get to see them too often, so it was awesome to have spent the weekend with them and catch up.

The entire weekend was beautiful, so I guess that can only mean that Mother Nature's menopausal tendencies were under control.  I've mentioned how we literally have all four seasons within the same week, usually.  But not this weekend!

We also had an Easter miracle happen.  My two aunts, whom I love dearly, had a feud going from 30 years back.  Yes, thirty years passed with them not speaking to each other!  Well, they reunited this weekend and it was very obvious they had missed each other terribly, but they both had been too stubborn to have settled it before.  So it continued for three long decades.  I thank God they finally made up.
My mom is in the middle of her two sisters and it really warmed my heart seeing the three of them being silly and of course, it was awesome for everyone to have my two aunts in the same room finally!

It was very hot Easter day (not that I'm complaining at all!), so whenever I was taking pictures, everyone headed off to the shade.  That's ok, because the pictures look awesome.  This is my beautiful Gabriella:
My beautiful niece, Daneka:

My great-nephew, Matthew and the pup:
My Marko and Daneka:
My niece, Victoria with her son, Matt:

Peditos loved being on the hammock with the kids:
I'm not sure why the hubs was sitting on Danny's lap...ha!
My cousins, my brother and moi:
Rose x2:
What an awesome weekend it was!  I am truly blessed to have such a large, awesome family.  May God bless every one of them.

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