Is it the MSG?

Can someone please clue me in to this craziness with teenagers insisting on wearing summer attire all the freaking time, even during the winter?!  I just don't get it.  Call me old, but I distinctly remember being their age and having the brains to wear, oh, I don't know...a COAT when it's freezing outside!
Was my generation really the last one that gets the connection of cold weather = bundling up?
Kids nowadays are just not born with the part of their brain that determines that appropriate clothing must be worn in cold weather.
I am appalled at seeing kids in freezing weather wearing shorts, flip-flops and a thin Aeropostale sweater.  And these are the kids that actually had the brains to put on a sweater!

Seriously, when did it become uncool to wear a coat? 

For example:

My mornings usually always begin like this:
Marko: "Mom, the temperature today is going to be_____ today.  Can I wear shorts?"
Me (half asleep): (yawn..) "What?"
Marko: (Repeats the question)
Me (annoyed): "What is the temperature now?"
Marko: "Well, right now it's 34, (not kidding!), but it's supposed to get to 48 today."

I get annoyed with this rude awakening because I am woken up every.  single.  day.  the same way.  

I've told you how our weather can completely change within a matter of hours.  It can be sunny, not warm by any means, but sunny on the way to school, and by 10 a.m., we could be having a full-blown blizzard.  You just can't trust the weather.  Ever.
And I can't tell you how many times I've gone to pick the kids up from school loaded down with coats, hats, scarves, etc., because it was sunny and 35 degrees that morning(!)

To be honest with you, these kids may think they are too cool for a coat, and again, call me old, but they don't look very cool when they're standing in front of the school waiting for their ride home, or walking home shivering the whole way.
Just saying.

Could it be the MSG in food??!!  Someone please tell me, because I just don't understand. I the only parent with this issue?

Hope your Thursday has been awesome!

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