I think I've mentioned in a previous post that I'm taking a documentary class this semester.  And as we all know, a documentary's purpose is to inform, or educate the audience on whatever the topic happens to be.  I've really learned a lot about, well, a lot, by watching these films.  Some are very short, like maybe 15 minutes long, while others are up to 2 hours long, but they are all well done and very informative.

This class is one of my favorites, but it is also one of my least favorites.  Let me explain.  I like everything about my class, except that it runs from 5-8 p.m., so it is a really long class.  Many days we've literally watched documentaries the entire time and it's very tiring.
Next week we all get assigned different responsibilities to actually make a documentary.  Should be interesting!

Well, of the many we've watched in class, perhaps the one that bothered me the most was one we watched regarding a sting on child pornography.
Now, even though the video we watched didn't contain any, of course, (this is a classroom, after all!), it was still a very difficult video to watch because it was about children!  I won't go into detail on my blog about the video itself, but as you can imagine, it was very upsetting.  I actually walked out of the room at one point during the documentary.
Even though the documentary was actually focused on the scum that produce, distribute and actually buy this garbage, it is something that will haunt me forever.
It is amazing how these people don't give a damn who they exploit, or how many people they destroy for the almighty dollar.  But the market is there, so they continue.

I think anyone that has anything to do with this garbage is garbage and I wish tougher laws existed for all involved in this market so we could eliminate it once and for all.
And people, I beg you to please keep an eye on your children and don't trust anyone that comes in contact with your babies.
One pervert featured on the film was a damn clown hired for a child's birthday party!

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