List of Eleven Random Things...

I read an article the other day about a celebrity's 25 random things, so I thought I would list 11 random things about me that even those that know me well probably don't know!  I originally was going to list 10 things, but I came up with 11. Oh, well... Here goes:

1.  I was that weird kid that wanted to be a pathologist when I grew up.  Even as an adult, I considered it and can remember having lunch while reading books on autopsies!

2.  My first language was Spanish.

3.  I am currently in school working on my bachelor's degree in journalism, but I didn't discover my love for writing until I started my blog!

4.  I am technologically challenged.  Big time.  I own an Iphone and I only know how to make and receive calls.  I don't have music, apps (other than the ones on it when my husband bought it for me) or games, etc.  Oh, but I do know how to text on it too (:

5.  I am addicted to Coca Cola.  Addicted, I tell you.

6.  I can drink lots of tequila and not get drunk or even hungover.....Not that I do that often (:

7.  I love to dance.  I also wished to become a professional dancer as an adult.  Didn't happen.

8.  I have had a pet rooster and a pet goat.  And I kept them indoors.  But I didn't own them at the same time, I wouldn't want you to think I had an indoor farm or anything.

9.  I can cook just about anything, but not with a recipe.  I'm not cool enough to follow those damned things.  Kudos to those that can though...seriously!

10.  Throughout my entire childhood, I always had the same nightmare: I was chased and eaten by a gigantic marshmallow.  I would wake up terrified of stupid marshmallows!
I wish I were kidding.

11.  And this is perhaps the weirdest tidbit about me, but I'm one of those weird germaphobes that has to wash their hands like 853 times a day.  And it's worse while cooking, for example, if I'm cooking, I have to wash my hands after opening the microwave door, and again after cracking eggs, and again after pouring milk from the gallon, and again if I open the drawer to get a spoon, fork, etc.  Yeah, my phobia is that bad.  Well, even weirder than that is the fact that I cannot look at my hands while washing them because I literally freak out. You know how you lather up your hands and rub your hands together fast under the running water to rinse?  Well....from moving my hands so fast, it gives me the illusion that my hands are attached to my wrists backwards and it really makes me panic!
Ok, now that I've admitted that, can someone please tell me if there is an actual term for this weird thing going on with my hand washing?  Or is this simply a Silva thing?? Ha! 

Have a great week!  Have I mentioned that in three weeks I'll have one more semester completed?  Not that I'm counting or anything!


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