Special Easter memories

While we were at my Tio Pablo's for Easter, I was so excited when I found out that my aunts had shown up with photo albums (!)
Anyone that knows me knows my passion for old pics of the family.  I love, love, love them.
Well, two pictures in particular caught my attention.
This first picture is of my grandmother, Ama (at about age 18) with my Tio Pablo next to her, and her sister-in-law Libe (Libertad) with her baby, Maye; and my Tio Marcos is the little boy standing in front of the picture.  I love this picture because it captures this moment in time of these two beautiful young mothers with their kiddos and they both look so happy.  I mean, just look at their fabulous smiles  (:
I was almost giddy when I ran across it!  I am so grateful to whomever took this treasure.

This next picture is also so precious to me.  This picture, unfortunately, was actually taken at Ama's funeral.  My Tia Lupe is on the left, my great-grandmother, Micaela, and My Tia Minga is on the right.  Micaela is Apa's mother and she is so flippin adorable!
I've written a post about how Apa incredibly found her Here.  Apa is also in the picture on the far right.
All I could think of as I was going over these old pics was..."Oh, the pictures I would take if I could go back to my childhood and take pictures from back then"...

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