Picture pillows!

I have been working my butt off studying for a major test in my dreaded science class besides the mountain of homework for all my other classes and a huge assignment that took about 3 weeks to complete for that same science class.  It seriously was very hectic and stressful.
But it was all worth it in the end because I totally aced my test and my assignment! (:

Anyway, to reward myself, I allowed myself the luxury of one evening of no homework (!)  Well, it wasn't an entire evening, because I didn't get home from school until almost 8:30 p.m., but it was enough.

And since I don't watch TV, I did this instead:
I printed these old pics on a piece of a flat white sheet I bought at Walmart (ironed first).  I was freaking out/praying my printer wouldn't jam up with a sheet being fed through it (!!), but it worked just fine.  Wow, was I relieved.  How would I ever explain that to a repairman if something had gone wrong?
I let the ink dry and then I sealed the pics with a few thin coats of clear acrylic so the ink wouldn't smudge.

 Then I sewed them onto a nice, thick scrap of fabric I had in my stash.
This one below is of me and my beautiful mom when I was almost a year old:

 This next pic of of my beautiful grandmother, her sister-in-law, and their babies.  These "babies" in the pic are about 70 years old, BTW, so that's how old this pic is, and I absolutely treasure it!
I finally sewed the border on them and voila!

These pillows are early Mother's Day gifts for my mom.  Easy Peasy and so fun to make!  The internet is inundated with wonderful tutorials on making similar projects, BTW.

Have a fantastic day!!

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