Cruel Irony at its finest

My comadre (my kids' godmother) called me last week and mentioned that she had plans to attend her friends' graduation last night (Friday).  Her friend and his wife were both graduating from my university: He with his PhD, and his wife with her Masters.  How awesome is THAT?!
Anyway, she mentioned how she had been looking forward to their graduation for months and how proud she was of them.  She then told me she had a dilemma: Her youngest son had a dance performance at his school that same night.

A little background on that:  Her 12-year-old son and a group of kids from his school had been dancing this dance routine for about the last three weeks at various schools.  And she had attended every single one of these performances without fail.  My comadre is divorced, and her ex had never attended any of these performances.  Not even while their kids were with HIM for his weekend parenting time.  Well, her ex was going to go to Friday's performance.

She asked my opinion of whether it would be terrible of her if she were to skip her son's performance to attend her friends' graduations instead.  I mean, it was the same performance as all the other times and her son's dad was going to be there.  Plus, it was his weekend with the kids, so the kids would go home with him after the performance.  She mentioned that she had already talked to her son and her son was fine with her not going.  Oh, and I've failed to mention that in her children's entire lives, she had never, ever missed any game, practice, performance, concert, etc.  She is a very dedicated mom.
I told her that since she had talked it over with her son and he was ok with her not going, that she shouldn't feel bad for skipping his performance this one time.  She said that everyone she had asked about this had told her the same thing.

She ended up going to the graduations.

Well wouldn't you know it?  During the graduation, she receives a text from her son that read something like this:
"Mom, you should have come to my performance!"

She replied with a "Why?  I thought you were ok with me not going."

Now, imagine my horror as she relayed her horror at his reply:
"Because your name was called for you to go to the stage because you won the award for Mom of the Year." 
*****Mom of the Year*****

Not Volunteer of the Year...or any other ___________ of the Year. 

I can seriously tell you that I literally felt myself shrivel up as she told me.  I was horrified, shocked and so sad for her son, as was she.  I just could. not. imagine. the look on her son's face, or what he felt as everyone in the gymnasium clapped for his mom to go to the stage...and she wasn't there!

I was devastated for him.  And for her.  Especially because she is an exemplary mother and she truly was deserving of such an award.  The ONE and only time she ever chose not to be there, such a cruel irony like this happens. 

She said she felt sick to her stomach as she frantically texted him: "So what did you do?!"
And he replied:
"Well what could I do, mom?  I went to the stage to get your bouquet of flowers and card."


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