Rethinking my major...

I've written a few times of all of the obstacles I faced this semester.  In all honesty, of all of my semesters, this one has definitely been the most difficult one by far because of my illness and subsequent surgery...not to mention all those weeks of school I had to miss before the surgery and of course, the recovery time afterward.  Oh, and the tons of homework just to "catch up."  As if that weren't enough stacked against me, this was also the semester I stupidly added a science class to the mix: which, by the way, has never been one of my, EVER.
I don't recall ever being so stressed about anything in my life as I was this semester.  Mostly because I seriously regretted even attempting to attend school this semester with everything going on health wise.  I thought it would result in a huge waste of time, and of course, money.  Lots of time and even more money that I just cannot afford to throw away.  I can't tell you the number of times I beat myself up with the thought of "Why did I ever register for this semester if I'm only going to fail?!"

Well, all of my grades for the semester have finally been posted, and I am feeling pretty stoked.  With lots of hard work; daily prayer; a ton of support from my husband that I am so grateful for, and a fierce determination to succeed, I ended the semester with a 3.92 gpa.
I earned solid A's in all of my classes but one.  I got one A-.
You want to know what's sorry about that A-?  It wasn't my science was my journalism class....which is my major! Ha!

This can only mean one thing:

Maybe I should switch my major to (gulp!) science?

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