Tía Stella's apron

Almost two years ago, my tía Stella gave me a beautiful apron she made.  She told me she made it for me because she knew I loved to cook as much as she did.  She is an amazing cook and she actually owns a catering business, so she always has her aprons handy.
I remember thanking her and thinking I would never use it, because, well, I had never used an apron before and I had no plans to start.

Boy was I wrong!  I love it and I wear it every single day!

Beside the fact that I **gasp** don't get dirty while cooking,  I love how I no longer look as though I jumped into the dish water to give myself a bath while doing dishes.  I guess I get pretty crazy while doing those dishes because I always had to change my top as soon as I rinsed that final dish.
I also love being able to lean on the counter while doing dishes.  In an attempt at being careful (ha!), I would try not to lean on the counter to avoid getting wet, but even that never helped.  The only thing I accomplished by not leaning on the counter was horrible back pain.

Not aNyMoRe!!! (:

I can't believe that as much as I love to cook, I had never used one before.  I will forever be grateful to my beautiful tía for such a thoughtful gesture.
This apron she made me isn't just any 'ol run-of-the-mill apron either.  She made the "skirt" part of the apron from a towel so that while I'm cooking, doing dishes, etc., I could dry my hands on the towel (!)  How ingenious of her, huh?  I think she is brilliant!
Anyway, since I wear it every day, I think I'm starting to look like a walking picture around my house.  So I decided to make me another apron like the one tía Stella made for me.
And this is my apron:
 I used a chevron print and I matched it up with a charcoal colored towel.

This next picture makes me smile because I literally had to beg Gabriella to model it for me.  Her response?
"But Mmmmooom!!!"
Not that you can tell by the look on her face, huh?
 I added the two little pockets to the front, which are perfect for your cell phone...or candy (:
I actually made another one also, but I paid it forward and gifted it to my comadre, Diana.  You can read all about how she was named "Mom of the Year".

And the best part?  It only took me about an hour total to make it, start to finish!

I love my new apron, but my favorite will always be the one my tía made.  I'll probably only use the one I made while my favorite one is in the wash (:

Have a great weekend!!

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