May 2013 Photo Dump

I thought it was about time I did another photo dump.  So here it is, and in no particular order.

Here is my talented, handsome son, Marko with his guitar.  I love, love, LOVE hearing him play it and I am so proud of him.  He asked for a guitar one day a few years back when he spotted one at a Goodwill.  I let him buy it and he taught himself to play it!  He's bought four more since (: 

My Gabriella and our fur baby.  I took these pictures one of the days it didn't snow... wish I were kidding.

I recently took this adorable couple's prom pictures.

These next couple of pictures are of my pineapple.  I'll be planting it in potting soil in a few days.  I was just waiting for the roots to get a little bigger.  And I need to buy a nice pot.  Can you see the roots?

This is Marko's wrestling team.  Marko is on the left in the grey shorts:

Gabriella and one of her BFFs, Tanya.  They are the biggest One Direction fans EVER.  These two girls will be having lots of sleep-overs this summer, that's for sure!

We took a family pic before we took Gabriella to get an award for advanced reading and writing at school.  So proud of you baby!:
 This is a terrible picture, but I love it:
 One of my prides and joy:

 And my other one:

 These next three pics crack. me.  up.  They saw me with my camera and of course had to photobomb every picture. Ugh.
It's Marko and his best friend, Tyler.  These two boys are such goofballs and they have such awesome personalities.  Even though they photobombed, these pictures capture who they are perfectly!

And my hubby and I went to Blackhawk while the kids were in school.  Blackhawk is Colorado's mini "Vegas Strip" of sorts (:

The hubs sure knows how to choose the right slot machine to play!

These casinos are are up in the mountains, so that means we had beautiful scenery the entire drive up.  It was awesome!

And on the way home we pulled over so we could do this:

Just kidding! Hahaha.
We saw these guys kayaking, so we had to pull over to take some pics.

 Have an awesome week!

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