My baby, the TEENAGER!

Last Friday was a big day at our house.  You see, it was my Gabriella's 13th birthday.  Thirteen!!!  Even writing that is difficult.
It literally seems like in the blink of an eye, my baby grew up.  And I was seriously not ready for it.  Not a bit!
 She was so excited for her bowling party that night, and it was a blast!
 Afterward, she had a sleepover and she and her friends stayed up pretty darned late giggling, watching movies and playing games.

Here she is with her BFFs.  Hard to believe my little girl and her friends will start their last year of middle school this fall.

I am so proud of the beautiful, smart, talented and awesome young lady you have grown to be.  I love you so SO much, Gabriella.  I pray God bless, watch over and protect you always, my sweet girl.

Mom (:

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