Roller-coaster ride

Today I had my last final for this semester, and even now that hours have passed since I walked out of class, I can hardly believe it.  One more semester checked off.  And it feels so amazingly wonderful (:
I wrote about how incredibly difficult this semester was Here.  Even going back and reading that post caused me major anxiety!
I literally got out of class, took my mom out to eat, took her back home, picked my kids up from school, came back home and slept for three hours!!  I woke up so refreshed.
I glanced at my planner and was amazed...AMAZED, at what I saw.  This is just a couple of pages from my planner during this semester:
 Yes, I realize my planner is a hot mess that only I understand, but it was literally, and without a doubt, my best friend that saved my life every single day.  I also realize that there is no rhyme or reason to my planner, but that's ok.  As long as I understand it.

This next picture is actually my Spring Break week.  I so looked forward to it.  And when it finally arrived, it was a big fat Whomp...Whomp...Whomp.  Ha!  I was so slammed with homework that week that just going to the bathroom was a luxury.  I wish I were kidding...

 It finally started slowing down about here....of course.  It was finals week (:

And this is what is on my agenda for next week:
Isn't it crazy?!  I feel as if I was on this never-ending, out-of-control roller-coaster ride, all semester long, that suddenly came to a screeching halt!
And I'm finally unbuckled and stepping off.  Slightly dizzy still...but I survived it.  God is so good (:

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