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The hubs and I took the kids to Nebraska Memorial Day weekend for a graduation party for my cousin's son and we had lots of fun catching up with family we don't see too often. We enjoyed good Mexican food and we danced all night long and had a blast!
I didn't take too many pictures because, well, because I was having too much fun..

On the drive home Monday, we stopped at my tia Minga's house in Cheyenne and she sent some very old pictures (of me) with me that she'd found.  I hadn't seen any of these old black & white pics before, so I was happy to have them:

I was almost 2 years old in this one:

My tia said said I was 1 in this one.  It's in color!!:

I actually remember this day!  I was about 4 years old and we all went to the park that day when we all lived in Alliance, Nebraska.  I remember my mom, my grandma, aunts, uncles and a few of my cousins were there.  I don't remember pictures being taken and I had never seen the pictures of that day though.
How I wish I could go back to those special carefree times when very special loved ones were still living.

I was very much a tomboy and always climbing on everything!

This was also at my grandparents' house in Alliance.  I was about 3 in this pic:

My uncle and his family still live in this house, but they have since remodeled it.  I love going to their house because I have lots of memories in that house.

This was also taken that day at the park.  While we were in Alliance during Memorial Day weekend, we actually drove by the park and just seeing that familiar park with it's fountain brought back so many memories.  It was awesome..

The other kids in the pic are my aunt Sylvia, uncle Pete and cousin Chico.  The boys and me had climbed on the pillar for this picture (of course!)

I was about 2 in this picture and I'm not sure where it was taken.  You probably won't believe me, but I actually remember the first time I put that jacket and hat on!  It even came with a little fur-trimmed handwarmer thing that hung around my neck   I thought I was the shizz wearing that faux fur jacket! (:

I noticed I wore Mary Janes in most of my pictures and that made me happy because I still love wearing them!  Thanks mom!

I also got pics of my mom with and all of her siblings when they were kids and my grandparents.  I tried to upload them, but finally gave up.  I'll try again in a few days and hopefully it will work then.

Have a wonderful week!

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