Oh what a night!

It was a very interesting night at the our house last night.  Sheesh!
It all started about 11:00 while the hubs was watching TV and I was on Facebook in the garage.  Yes, in the garage.  Don't you do that??
Anyway, the hubs asked me to open the big garage door a little more and I told him I didn't want to because Peditos would get out.  The hubs' response? "He won't leave!"

He left.

And my baby girl was absolutely devastated that her dog could not be found.  She cried for hours.

The hubs was beside himself with guilt.  And I was beside myself with worry.  I was worried that he might have wondered off to the busy street and get hit by a car or perhaps be found by someone that decides to actually keep him instead of calling any of the three phone numbers on his tags (!)  I mean, seriously, what on earth could I possibly have done to make it better for my little girl?!
So I prayed.  I prayed that God guide him home if he managed to get lost.  I prayed that he come home quickly and that he not be hurt.
The hubs and I decided to drive around (at about 1 a.m. by this point!) to no avail.  Tita insisted she was going with us because she was very upset by now and did not want to wait at home, much less in bed.  So off we went.  We drove for quite a while and called his name and whistled for him and ended up coming back home empty-handed.  And I felt so bad for my Tita.

The hubs couldn't stand watching/hearing his baby cry her heart out for her little fur-brother, so he drove off to look again, in the hopes that he would find him this time.

About 15 minutes later, the hubs called me on my cell phone to tell me that he had been pulled over by the police!
Apparently, someone from one of the neighborhoods he was driving through reported a "very suspicious-looking man" driving through their street very slowly and mysteriously.  They were sure this "very suspicious-looking man" was up to no good. (I wish I were kidding!)
Once the hubs explained that he was simply looking for our dog, the nice policeman offered to put Peditos on an unofficial All Points Bulletin and if he were to be found, they would notify us immediately. HA!

So the hubs had the daunting task of telling his baby that again, he was not able to find her beloved dog.

More crying ensued.  Any mother with a heartbroken child can tell you the horrible feeling of helplessness that just kicks you in the teeth, especially when there isn't a damned thing you can do to take their pain away.

A few hours later, I was falling asleep on the couch with my baby curled up in a fetal position and her eyes almost swollen shut from crying so much when suddenly:

The hubs walks into the house from the garage with Peditos!

My baby started crying again, but this time, from sheer happiness and Peditos licked her tears away.  It was a very emotional moment for us.  Nevermind that it was 4 a.m. by this time!!

The hubs said he decided to wait in the garage with the big door open a bit in case Peditos came back.

I don't know where Peditos had gone, but he came home wet, absolutely filthy and full of twigs and stickers stuck to his fur.

I can not describe the feeling of seeing my baby so incredibly happy.  It was pretty amazing.

Since it was so late/early, we removed all of the twigs and stickers from his fur and I had Tita put Peditos to bed and told her he wouldn't get a bath until today.

What a night.  Life, Silva style for sure.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!!

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