Marko the Great!

Last night was pretty awesome at Casa Silva.  I'm not sure why I like to check my mail very late at night.  Always have.  It drives the hubs cRaZy, but it's just what I do.
Last night wasn't any different.  I drove to my mom's to pick Tita up pretty late and of course, as I pulled into our street, I was grabbing the mailbox key out of the ashtray of Jeep to check the mail before pulling into the driveway.
Tita got the mail and I skimmed through it while she buckled up again.  A few bills, some junk mail.  The norm. I immediately opened the envelope from the kids' middle school.  I knew report cards would be arriving anytime and I was anxious to see them.
I posted back in February of how we needed to switch the kids' school immediately because their old school was dishing out lots of BS I didn't agree with.  Marko was held back last year and I had both of the kids in 6th grade for the first semester.  The second semester started in January and by the end of that month, it was clear as day that Marko was not ever going to succeed in that "school."   He was failing every single class!  It became clear that Marko would again be forced to stay in 6th grade.  So we switched them.  We struggled with the decision because a) change is very hard.  I was always being moved in the middle of every single school year and I absolutely hated it.  I know kids adjust a lot easier than adults in certain situations, but still.  And b)  it was so late in the school year and we of course worried that Marko only had just a couple months to prove himself in a completely new environment.  But we prayed about the decision and we did it.
Well, as it turns out, we had absolutely NOTHING to worry about.  As I've posted before, it was the best decision EVER.

My son was tested on the very first day at his new school and was immediately was switched up to 7th grade where he should have been all year long.  Both of the kids were doing beautifully and bringing home fantastic grades!
Marko's report card I received in the mail had excellent grades and my son is officially an 8th grader in the Fall.
Even with only being a 7th grader for a little over 3 months, he did an exceptional job and his report card reflects his hard work.  He didn't just pass by the skin of his teeth either.  He ended up with As, Bs and 2 Cs!

I am incredibly proud of Marko and the way he worked so hard to prove himself and I am immensely grateful for the wonderful staff at the school we ended up choosing for our children.  They recognized Marko's intelligence immediately and boosted his self-esteem to levels that are now off-the-charts.

We had a mini-celebration last night with the kids and it was awesome.
God is good and He continues to bless me and my little family so much.

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