Major Work Out!!

The hubs and I bought a membership to a local gym for our family about a month ago and we've actually used it quite a bit.  We've used the gym and the pool the times we've gone.  We still haven't played the mini-golf or the basketball courts...but maybe in the next couple of weeks (?)
Well, we went today and I decided to join Tita in the pool and take the day off from the gym.  I figured the guys could go get a good workout while us girls took it easy.

When we got there, one of the large pools was being used for laps; the other pool was being used for lessons; and that only left us with two choices: The kiddie pool or the lazy river.

Since we definitely aren't "lap" people, we aren't signed up for any lessons and my children haven't been toddlers for years, this narrowed our options down to the lazy river.  You know, the pool where you "lazily" or gently get pulled around the pool while you relax??

"Lazy" river MY ASS!  I spent the entire time yelling "OUCH!," and "OH!"  It literally mauled me because the water current was so fast!
The water in the so-called "Lazy River" is about 3 1/2 feet high, so I got in and got on my knees: BIG MISTAKE!  The current immediately took off with me and thrashed me back and forth around the maze.  It's kind of shaped like the olympic rings but with only 3 of the rings.  It immediately scraped up my knees pretty bad and I made the mistake of lifting one of my knees above water level to see the "damage."  As I did that, the current kept carrying me at the speed of about 25 miles per hour (I'm NOT kidding!), so I didn't see the wall I was being slammed against until literally a millisecond before my nose would have been crushed.  I turned my face at the very last second to avoid a broken nose (Thank God!), but my knees again were slammed against that same wall and got scraped again!
I was absolutely mIsErAbLe.  I felt like the water was possessed and I was this helpless rag doll being thrashed back and forth!  The "curves"  of these "olympic rings" were exits, but they were just there to tease you into thinking you could actually get out of these possessed waters.  I tried to reach these exits each time I approached whizzed by one, but ya think I succeeded?  Fat Chance!   I even ended up with a major wedgie trying to fight the damned current!  It was hell-bent on keeping me in it's grip!
Tita had to literally PULL me through the current to get me out of it!
I did the sign of the cross and prayed an Our Father when I finally was able to get out!  Sheesh!!

Tita and I went to shower and it was wonderful because the water was so warm.
In the shower I was able to examine all the damage that stupid "Lazy River" did to my legs, elbows, etc.  It wasn't pretty.
We met up with the boys and I was so achy and sore and scraped up.

I think the boys are the ones that "took it easy" today.  I felt as though I was coming home from a 12-round boxing match in which, unfortunately, I did not win.
There will be no more "taking it easy" days for me anymore.  I'd much rather kick butt on the gym equipment!

Hope your Thursday was much better than mine.

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