Chalk Art!

The hubs and I took our kids to the Denver Chalk Art Festival yesterday and let me just say how aMaZiNg it was!  Even after living in our beautiful state for as long as I have, I must admit I had never been to this event.

Most of the artists were finishing up,  while others still needed more time.  I don't think some of them even got to finish in time before judging started, which was too bad because they had worked so hard on their square.

The picture below is what the square above will look like when finished.

It was incredible to see such detail.  They were all very talented!

Look at the detail on this guy's square!  Unfortunately, he was another that didn't get to finish in time.  Still a winner in my book though.

A young lady came all the way from Florida and did the mask below and was one of the winners.  Not bad for this being her first time at the festival, huh?  How exciting!


Even some of the store owners got their chalk on:

The afternoon was nice and cloudy, so that was an added bonus: 

On the walk back to the car, we stopped at the Cherry Creek Trail:
There were lots of people on the trail, either walking, or on bicycles.  There was even one guy on one of these:
 (via Google Images)

Can you believe this is the best picture I was able to get of him??!!  My back has been hurting a lot and the hubs was giving me a back rub, so I was totally unprepared...Total Fail!!

The kids had a great time skipping rocks on the water:

I even got a shot of the beautiful Mile High skyline:

I had the hubs stop the car right in the middle of a very busy street so I could take the picture and we may have had a couple cars honk  their horns and flip us the bird...
I seriously doubt that this is the way Denverites' wave, so it must have been road ragers, huh?
Oh well..

On the way home, we stopped for dinner at Cinzzetti's and although it is an Italian Market Restaurant buffet, I of course, tried the lasagna, pizza and other Italian dishes, I must say that my favorite thing to eat there was their potato soup! Yeah, I'm that weird customer I guess.   We all ate to our heart's content and even tried the gelato, which was delicious!

It was a fabulous, perfect day.

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