The A-Team

You might remember one of my posts this last week was about the kids and I doing Highs & Lows every day (You know, where I ask them what the best and worst part of their day was) and I told you that ever since the kids changed schools recently (and I'm seriously talking from Day 1 at their new school) the kids happily tell me that their "High" was SCHOOL.  That's right.  Their entire days are perfect.  This of course, makes my day perfect.  My kids have not had a "Low" since the hubs and I made the best decision of our lives in switching the kids' school.

The only "Low" they had was Monday after school when THIS happened with those damned trolls.

Well, I had class today until 8 p.m. and today was also the kids' parent-teacher conferences.  But it just so happened to be the hubs' day off.  So he took the kids to the conferences and I drove as fast as I could right after taking my test to get there in time for at least some of the conferences.

All of the teachers told us how impressed they were with Marko and Gabriella because they were both doing so awesome and every single teacher commented on how respectful the kids were.   Did I mention the fact that Marko has 104% in Life Science?  Yeah..that's my boy.

I got to meet his math teacher who also kept telling the hubs and I how she loved having Marko in her class because he is so smart and respectful.  I've always known that about my Marko, of course, but I let her go on and on (:

After that, the hubs took Marko to meet with another teacher while Gabriella and I walked into her Social Studies class.  Her teacher just couldn't stop praising her for her work.
Gabriella's math teacher said that she will definitely be placed in advanced math classes in the fall.  I'm not suprised in the least.

The kids and I were bummed that I wasn't able to make it to all of the conferences.  I just couldn't help it with my class running so late.  Oh, and did I mention that it was snowing hard when I left the university?  Yeah.  Driving on two wheels was not an option tonight.  But I made it in time to meet with a few of each of the children's teachers and for that I am very grateful.

The teachers love the kids and my kids love every one of the wonderful teachers also.  Within 5 minutes of meeting them, I clearly understood why school is the kids' "High."

The kids' self-esteem is off-the-charts and they both have so many A's, I think I'll just call them the A-Team (:

Oh, and just in case you're "high" today was seeing the look of satisfaction, extreme happiness and pride on my beautiful children's faces.
Thank You God for all your blessings.
(One proud mama)

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