Marko's misadventures..

The hubs picked up the kids from school and then they picked me up from my school.  The second I got to the Jeep, I heard all about Marko jumping a hurdle in PE and landing wrong on his foot.  I had him take his shoe off and his foot instantly swelled up.  Poor guy was in a lot of pain.
Off we went to Urgent Care where, after an hour and a half, the doctor told us that he could see what appears to be a hairline fracture in his ankle.  He also said that he would consult with the orthopedic doctor in the morning to confirm whether or not it is in fact a fracture.

So they sent him home with this:

He and Tita were actually excited when the nurse wrapped the purple gauze on it because purple is their school color.  Gotta show that school spirit anyway you can! (:

When we finally got home, we helped him to his bed where he played a 3D game for a while.

I don't know if anyone reads this, but if you do, please pray for my son's foot to heal quickly and that it not be fractured.


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