Team Ledet

If you know anything about me, you know I love American Idol. Love it.
If you watch it, you know how Joshua Ledet is a favorite.  He is certainly one of my favorites because he is absolutely awesome.
Take a look at this incredible performance he did of "When A Man Loves A Woman":


And here is Joshua with another brilliant performance of "Without You."
I remember this as a young girl and I've loved it ever since.  Harry Nilsson sang it back then.  I didn't think anyone could ever sing it as well as Nilsson...that is, until I heard Joshua sing it.

(Mariah Carey also sang it and I actually don't like the way Mariah sings it, but that's my personal opinion.)

Joshua does an an amazing job.  Here is the video I've mentioned another female contestant with a beautiful voice.  And her voice is beautiful but if the choice were mine, Joshua would win.  Hands down.

I think I am such a fan because besides his amazing talent, he seems like such a sweet and wholesome young man.  I think he deserves to win.

Jennifer Lopez summed it up best with her comment of:

"The best thing I have ever seen on American Idol."

I agree.

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