Are you kidding??!!

You know how I've told you that my kids started a new school back in February?  Well, everything has been fantastic for the kids, except for one thing.  The only negative thing that has happened since starting there was Marko's Ipod was stolen by this kid in Marko's PE class.  Marko got it back, the kid got into trouble at school and everything has been good, and forgotten.

Until today.

During PE today, Marko and his friend were listening to Marko's Ipod (remember Marko's injured foot?  He has been excused from participating in PE until it heals.)

Anyway, the kid that stole it in February had the nerve to ask Marko: "Dude, can I use your Ipod again?"

Marko: "What do you mean, can you USE my Ipod?!  The last time you HAD my Ipod was because you STOLE it!"


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