My sonshine (:

I need to brag on my favorite boy in the whole world: My son Marko.
Marko is 13-years-old, so handsome, so amazing, so smart, so talented and just so, you know, plain awesome.
He taught himself to play guitar and he is very, very good at it!  I love listening to him play.

He's playing his acoustic guitar before leaving for school in this picture.  Gotta live by that motto of Practice makes Perfect (!)

Not only are his self-taught guitar skills amazing, but have I told you how he is also an INCREDIBLE artist?  I think I have.  And yes, THAT talent is also self-taught. 

I first noticed his natural artistic talent when he was about 2 1/2 years-old.  He loved to dance to Michael Jackson's music and I even made him a sequined jacket and glove.  He NEVER wanted to take them off!  He danced every single day.  All day long.
He also loved to color like most 2-year-olds and he LOVED this movie:
Anyone with toddlers can tell you that when your toddler likes a movie, you will literally watch that movie 24/7.  Right?
Since his favorite things when he was this age was "Spirit" and coloring, he would color while watching the movie.  I'll never forget the day when he proudly brought me his first masterpiece.  He ran to the kitchen with it and he was so happy about it he couldn't stand it.  He said "Honey, Honey, Spirit!!"
(Yes, my babies both called me Honey.  I don't know why, they just did.  They now call me Mom, but still refer to me as Honey when they mention me in conversation with someone else.)
Anyway, here is his masterpiece:

I excitedly told him how awesome it was and how proud I was of him!  I'll never forget his beautiful smile and how proud he was when I grabbed a magnet to put it on the front of our refrigerator.  I'd catch him walking by the kitchen just to see his masterpiece on the fridge.  I remember I asked him why Spirit had so many legs and my beautiful baby said "Running!"

I was amazed at how at his age perceived Spirit's legs while running and that he thought to actually draw them the way he visioned it.  I absolutely treasure this drawing.

I am so proud of him.
This is a drawing he did last weekend:

Pretty amazing, huh?
I believe my son has sketched every single picture ever taken of Bob Marley.  (Not kidding.)
Oh, and I must mention that all of my son's talent, of course, comes from (cough) my side (cough) of the family (:
I love you Marko.  And I am so proud to be your mama.

You truly are my SONshine. (:

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