Student of the Week!

Ok, I'm back.  I have NEVER posted this many times in one day, but I could hardly contain my excitement on the drive home after picking up my kids from school.

You know how I've posted of how my children are doing so wonderfully in their new school?  And how they are FINALLY being recognized for the wonderful, smart, respectful children I know they are?  Honestly, the kids continue to tell me horror stories of that "jail" they used to go to "school" at.  Thank God I got them out of there!

Things are so different now.  The kids come home every single day excited about their day and their wonderful teachers at their "real" school.

Marko brought this home today:

It is a "Power Pass" and he was named "Student of the Week."  Marko was one of a select few who got to have a pizza party for lunch with one of the awesome teachers.  My handsome son had a wonderful, perfect day.  So that made my day pretty wonderful and perfect too. (:

Oh, and in case you haven't is AFTER 3:30 p.m.  You know what that means!  Yes, that means it is now Spring Break!!!!!

Have a wonderful weekend!
One proud mama (:

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