What a weekend!

I had planned on displaying my Easter decor this weekend but it didn't happen.

Something else happened though..I burned both of my hands on Friday.
My poor kids were so incredibly upset because they had to witness their mama tolerate so much pain, which, by the way, I didn't do such a good job of tolerating because the pain-o-meter was set full-blast.  Just to give you an idea, my pain levels were right about 5,486,399,833 on a scale from 1-10.  Yeah.  That bad.
The hubby and the kids were wonderful in taking care of me though.  Thank you 3 so much. 

Anyway, the pain is now about a 2.5, so it is MUCH, MUCH better.  I now am sporting some God-awful blisters though.  Some have popped. Some haven't.  Pretty disgusting.
I think the pain meds I was taking were what caused me to have some pretty wild dreams.  Remember I told you of the telenovela I was addicted to?  Well, yesterday, the hubs woke me up to eat breakfast he had made.  I woke up and told him I wasn't hungry because I had just eaten breakfast with the housemaid from the telenovela!  I really wasn't hungry! HA!  How cruel is it that the ONE day I sit to eat breakfast with someone from the telenovela and I eat with "Maria":

Instead of "GUSTAVO"???!!!:


So that was my weekend.
Hope yours was much better (:


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