prepping for Easter!

I L-O-V-E Easter.  I love all of the beautiful pastel colors you see in just about any store you walk into during the weeks leading up to Easter.  I love the traditions and the way the church is decorated for such an important day.  I love going to church on Palm Sunday and receiving the palms and I love Easter mass.
I love Easter baskets and I love to see little girls wearing their brand-new white patent leather shoes and their beautiful Spring dresses and little boys with their new Easter outfit and their new black dress shoes looking so handsome.  I remember seeing my Gabriella wearing hers when she was little.  Marko looked so handsome too.    As a matter of fact, I even love the way the word Easter looks.  Yeah.  I'm that weirdo.
Anyway, I pulled some of my Easter decor out and I'm just giddy over their awesomeness.  There is no rhyme or reason for the order of the pictures, BTW.

These are the eggs I wrote on last year and hung on the mirror.  I was not the brain behind this little creation, I saw it on pinterest I think, but at the time, I was even more blogosphere illiterate than I am now, so I didn't know how to link it.  I know!

 Tita and I made the glitter eggs by using double-sided tape and dipping them in a sandwich bag with a little glitter inside.  This might very well be my favorite egg this year (:

The eggs are nestled in a real bird's nest!  And no, I did not evict a bird family to get my hands on it.  My friend Lori found it in her yard last year and was going to throw it away!

Isn't it awesome??!!  I love it.

I even made a cross out of pages of a magazine.   I got my inspiration here. 

Little Julian came over tonight while I was in class and he didn't realize the eggs were fragile, so a couple of eggs broke.  Before I even got home, he, Tita and grandpa painted me some more eggs.  Aren't they beautiful??!!

How adorable is this little paper chick's tail?! Love it!

It isn't a whole lot of decorations, but I think I'm finished for this year.

Although.....Easter is still two weeks away...


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