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Well today I kind of-sort of reverted back to my childhood.  It sure felt weird and it was all the cable guy's fault!  He came over this morning and the hubs had to get to work, so my mom and Danny came over so Danny could wait here with the cable guy while my mom gave me a ride to school.  Yeah!  I seriously hadn't had my mom drive me to school since probably the 8th grade!
Anyhoo..my mom drove to my lecture hall and pulled right up to the door.  I was suddenly overcome with nostalgia big time!  I was 13 again!

The year was 1978 and we lived in Alliance.
Alliance = Eleanor and she was my best friend!

Now, I've posted of how I started working at age 12, because in 1978, you could.  Obviously.  Even though I was working all the time, I still enjoyed my childhood.  Except for the fact that I always had some money to spend after age 12, unlike the majority of my friends my age, I consider myself to have grown up pretty normal.  I just happened to be more responsible because I kind of had to.

At 13....well, actually all my life to that point, my hair was long.  I remember sitting down at my desk at each of my classes and actually having to immediately lift my butt up off of my chair because I sat on my hair everytime.
At 13 I actually went to the 1-screen theater downtown.....oh, probably a total of 15 times to watch this:
Everyone went- over and over to see this in theatres! Even now, it remains on my top 10 list of movies. I love love love it!!

At 13, I walked 98% of the time to school with my best friend Eleanor, her twin Elaine and their sister Bonnie.  One day as we were crossing a very busy street we crossed every single day to and from school, we were all walking side by side: Bonnie on the left, then me, Eleanor and finally, Elaine on the far right.  We all started crossing at the same time and I still don't understand how this happened, but a car came very fast over the hill and missed Bonnie and missed me, but hit Eleanor!!  She flew up in the air and landed on the street!  We were so scared!  Again...we were 13 and didn't know what to do, so  Elaine, Bonnie and I all took off running to different houses in the area to ask them to call an ambulance.  We finally found someone home and the ambulance came and picked Eleanor up and raced to the hospital.  Thank God she wasn't seriously hurt!  I remember she cut her lip really bad, and for about 2 months after that, everytime she would laugh, she had to hold her bandage over her cut lip real tight because she didn't want the stiches to open up.  I also remember that after the ambulance left,  Elaine and Bonnie helping me look for my expensive comb that I lost when Eleanor was hit by that car. I never found it.

As you can guess, we didn't have cellphones back then, but I actually did have my own phone!  I felt so privileged to have my OWN phone in MY room (with my own phone number and it was even listed in the phone book!) and I paid for it myself. (:

It was listed in the phone book like this:
XXXXXX, Mary................................123-4567
   Rosi's Teenline................ ................123-4568

Wow!  I would give my mom $4 a month to pay for my "teen-line."  It was awesome!

At 13, I listened to the soundtrack from Grease (who didn't!), Andy Gibb, The Commodores, Paul Davis, Wings, and of course...MeatLoaf -  just to name a few. .................and yes, I am aware that just yesterday, I didn't want to reveal the music I listened to in my childhood.........And??!! (:

So there you have it.  A mini trip down memory lane.

Thank you Cable Guy!  (:

Disclaimer:  Images via Google.

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