Professor Johnson (:

I did not look forward to yesterday.  Yesterday was Thursday, which meant I had my Geography class.  My Geography professor is the one that had her glasses completely and utterly
S-Q-U-I-S-H-E-D by moi.  Yesterday was also the first time I would have to face her since it happened.  I really did not want to go to class!  But I did.  I knocked on her office door before class and she sweetly said "Come In!"  HA!  She didn't realize it was me..
I entered her office and apologized again for her glasses and offered again to pay to get them replaced.  She said "Absolutely Not!"
I reached out to her with a $20 gift card from here:

Her response?  "On one condition......That I use it with YOU!"

Now you see why I felt so horrible??!!  She really is amazing.

Oh, and when the day comes that I sit down to have coffee with her, I will be EXTRA careful so I don't SPILL it on her!


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