Jasmine's angels..

The last few weeks were pretty exciting for my cousin Jasmine and her fiance Ray.  Jasmine was excitedly letting the world know of their wonderful news.  She was telling everyone of her double blessing.  Yes, she was pregnant with TWINS.  Any woman that has been, or is pregnant can tell you of the incredible joy and instant love you have for your precious baby.  Her joy and love was double that.  Jasmine and her mom, Andrea were busy stocking the nursery for one baby when they suddenly found out that there would be not one, but two babies.

Her joy quickly turned to heartbreak and sorrow because she found out yesterday that her pregnancy terminated.  My heart breaks for her and Ray, because her beautiful babies never had the chance to grow and thrive and LIVE.
Only a woman (such as myself) that has gone through a miscarriage truly knows the immense pain and "what-if's."  Life isn't always fair.
I ask that if anyone reads this, please keep Jasmine, Ray and their angels in your prayers.   I know that Jasmine's oldest sister, LaToya is loving on those babies in heaven!

"Dear Lord, Jasmine would have loved to have held her babies on her lap and tell them about you, but since she didn't get the chance, would you please hold them on your lap and tell them about her?"

 I love you Jasmine.  I pray that God wrap his loving arms around you and Ray and comfort you.


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