Thankful for all I'm blessed with...

I posted yesterday of stressing big time over something that I finally realized wasn't really "stressworthy."  And boy, did I stress!
 I also wrote of how I was just going to leave it in God's hands and not give it another thought.  So I didn't.  Instead, I just showered and went to bed and had a really good night's sleep!

Well, 'lo and behold, God took care of it.  First thing in the morning...just as He always does!  God is so good and He blesses me with so much!

I thought I would include 10 things I am grateful for in this post:

1)  My family.  I have a great family: My hubby, all of the kids, my mom and brother (:
2)  Each of my family member's HEALTH!
3)  The opportunity to go back to school (even though I feel like the grandma in each of my classes.....although, it could be worst.  At least I'm not older than my professors! HA!)
4)  My hubs' job.  Especially since he's back "home" now.  I'm so happy for him!
5)  My scholarship and the privilege of being part of the Stryker Institute.
6)  Gena. (:  I will forever be indebted to this beautiful lady.
7)  The support I have been shown with regard to school.
8)  The support Laura has unselfishly given to us.  I love you.
9)  My marriage being stronger than ever.
10) Finding my French book $54 cheaper than I thought, and finally being able to start on my 60 assignments due Monday! (not kidding!)

 I can't say that I'm surprised God took care of everything I was stressed about because He always has my back.

We're tight like that (:


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